About Bron

Wife, mother, pastor, friend and child of God.  Those are the hats I wear most often.  With two adult children, I still love being a mother, celebrating the gifts of my two artistic children.  One is an artist, the other a musician.  Oh well, some parents raise doctors and lawyers to support them in old age, my children will entertain me!

I love to read, and I read everything from spy novels and murder mysteries to philosophy and theology.  Right now I’m working on Amy Jill Levine’s Short Stories By Jesus both for fun and in preparation for a fall sermon series on the parables.  I also love to read out loud, especially to children, and am grateful for opportunities to read at my daughter’s school and at our church’s pre-school.

As a second career pastor (actually, a fourth career!), I love the way God never lets anything go to waste.  I went from graduate student in philosophy to college admissions officer to corporate recruiter to director of human resources to at-home mom.  When I moved into ministry as my children were growing, I thought I left all that HR experience behind.  Silly me!  After 11 years in ordained ministry, the bishop called me to be a district superintendent and all that HR experience proved invaluable.

This last year has been an interesting one.  In a 2014 horseriding accident I broke my back, neck and clavicle, but somehow managed to finish my thesis for a D.Min. while in a back brace.  Just a year after the accident I received my D.Min.  I give thanks every day that I was able to walk across that stage to receive my diploma.

I’ve been a pastor now for 18 years.  I love to preach and teach, and find my greatest joy in encouraging and celebrating others. I hope you enjoy my musings on God, and would love to hear from you.


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